Day 13


States: Wyoming
Total Miles: 3900'ish
Time Zones: still in Mountain, 3 total


Spent the entire day in Yellowstone. Quite a treat. I got up early, well, I didn't have much choice, it was either get up and get the heater in the car running or freeze to death. Was good to get up early as I had to head all the way to the Northeast entrance to look for wolves. When I got over there there were a few trucks and some people with really long lenses, but they were just standing around not doing nothing. After 30 mins of no wolves, I left. On my way back towards Madison, I stopped off at a few spots for pictures and hiking. The first hike, Hellroaring, was interesting in that it went over a suspension bridge across the Yellowstone. Had I continued that way, I would have ended up in Gardiner 18 miles away outside the park. I chose to head back to the Hellroaring Creek. Hit a few other spots like Wraith Falls and Endine Falls. Eventually I got back to Norris and checked out the geyser basin there and then headed off to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Due to all kinds of ugly construction, I never made it to the north rim, so all pics are from the south rim.


Gibbon Falls early in the morning:

Gibbon Falls from closer:

Came across a herd of Bison on the way to the wolves. This guy got left behind and was galloping to catch up:

Hellroaring Creek hike, Yellowstone river visible:

Suspension Bridge:

A view from the bridge:

Osprey nest on bridge:

My one artist picture, I call it "Osprey on an Ugly Day":

Wraith Falls:

Bison protecting the trail at Wraith Falls:


Casualty of human interaction. This guy just ran up and down the road begging at car windows for food.


Orange Spring at Mammoth, just about the only thing worth looking at there nowadays (and it ain't much):

Artist paintpots:

Spring at Norris Geyser basin:

More springs:

The basin:

Steamboat Geyser, the biggest geyser in the world. Major eruptions can go off anywhere within 4 days to 50 yrs of it's last eruption. I didn't wait (last eruption in October of 2003, just missed it):

Another geyser:

2 different colored bacteria streams:

Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River from Uncle Tom's Trail:

Lower Falls from Artist Point:

Upper Falls from the South Rim:

The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone:

Last Yellowstone picture, I think of Mt. Washburn which was closed. I was looking forward to hiking this:

Next up, leaving Yellowstone, picking up a hitchhiker in Bozeman, MT and heading to Glacier.

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