Day 21

States: Utah
Total Miles: Somewhere in the 6000's, can't seem to remember to keep track
Time Zones: 1, 4 total


This was an epic drive day. There is a 4WD road that runs along the White Rim of Canyonlands NP. The road is around 120 miles long I believe. My sister and I both took our cars with my father in mine being the navigator. Very hard to get lost as there is only 1 road off of it that heads to Moab (eventually). The first few miles of the journey is pretty interesting since you have to drop down into a canyon via a steep set of switchbacks. After that, you follow along the White Rim which at points looks down on the Colorado River. A highlite of the trip was the pit stop at Muscleman Arch, one which we all took turns walking across. After about 36 miles, we decided to turn around and back, we weren't going to even come close to making it all the way around.


Looking out toward the canyon we need to descend into:

Hard to tell in this picture, but you can kind of make out the road about 1/3 of the way down and the big undercrop of rock that supports it. Wonder how long this road is going to last:

Well, there's are road down there, but how are we going to get to it?


The mighty Colorado River:

A mighty balancing act:

Another balancing act, my sister walking across Muscleman Arch:

The caravan on solid ground:

My sister foregoing solid ground for a better view:

One small step for man, one big splat for my sister:

Heading back up the switchbacks away from the White Rim Road:

Wonder if this Arches place has any arches, guess I'll check that out tomorrow...

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