Day 22

States: Utah
Total Miles: Somewhere in the 6000's, not keeping track so well
Time Zones: 1, 4 total


This was a nice journey into Arches NP. There is one way section that heads out to Double O Arch that contains quite a few really nice arches, but continuing on a loop via the "Primitive Trail" took us across some fantastic sandstone with some great arches and beautiful views.


Arches, arches and more arches... in Arches National Park:

Delicate Arch:

The alien landscape:

Phew, back to the arches:

Partition Arch:

Navajo Arch:

The path went across a narrow fin, was pretty cool and hard to believe except there's an official sign, so...

Cairn Arch (haha):

After pushing and pushing, huffing and puffing, the rock (being held up by sandstone "ant hills") still hadn't budged...

Double O Arch (lower arch hard to see):

Sister standing on top of an arch:

An interesting set of fins:

Canyonlands part II, The Needles.... next

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