Day 12

Leave Tetons and head into Yellowstone

States: Wyoming and Montana (briefly)
Total Miles: 3789
Time Zones: still in Mountain, 3 total

I left the Tetons this morning. Sad to see them go. I got a bunch more pictures of them, but I'll spare you. Not surprisingly, it was a rain day. Ok, maybe that is a surprise that it wasn't snowing. I drove up the southern entrance, then west towards my campground in Madison. I stopped at Old Faithful on the way and got really wet waiting for it to go off. I decided I'd head to my campground instead of walk the rest of the geyser basin and come back hopefully at a dryer time. After setting up my tent, I headed back towards the south and hit all the geyser basins. Wish I had kept track of my pictures, because I no longer have any idea which spring or geyser is which. So the pictures below will be in no particular order. I also headed out to West Yellowstone because it was so close to my campground and ended up watching the IMAX movie called "Yellowstone." Imagine that.


Heading into Yellowstone:


Moose Falls:

Waiting for Old Faithful:

Old Faithful:

The bison herd followed me from South Dakota:

Why did the bison cross the river?:

So it could cross the road... duh:

My brief trek out to W. Yellowstone, but first a picture across the Madison River of what I have to look forward to later:

The Firehole River (I think):

Firehole Falls:

Firehole cascade:

One of the geyser basins:

Random Geysers:

Random springs/pools (probably named Sapphire or Emerald or Turquoise):

Lovely mud pit:

Lovely bacteria:

Sun trying to pop out:

More Yellowstone tomorrow...

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