Day 11

Tetons, Tetons, and more Tetons

States: Wyoming
Total Miles: 3600
Time Zones: still in Mountain, 3 total

Today I did a little hiking at the base of the Tetons. First hike started at the north end of Jenny Lake at the String Lakes parking lot. I headed around the backside of Jenny Lake and up Cascade Creek to Hidden Falls and Inspirations Point and little beyond. The falls were nice and the views of the Tetons were amazing, but the highlite had to be the moose in the trail. I came up on him and he was just sitting there in the middle of the trail. I got a little closer and he didn't budge. I climbed up mountain a bit and around him and when I popped back onto the trail on the other side, he was still just sitting there. Moose are just fun animals. Long legs, long face, funny in a way. No antlers on any of the moose I've seen so far as it's too early in the season. Was hard to pick out just a handful of pictures, but the ones below should be a good representation.

After the Hidden Falls hike, I headed to Taggart and Bradley Lakes. Bradley Lake was a great place to sit back and relax. Very picturesque.

I headed back into Jackson and wandered around the town. It's a great little town. I think I hit here at a perfect time. Stores are just starting to open up for the season, but things don't really get underway until next week or later. So I get to wander around without the crowds and with all the store owners/locals nice and friendly before all the tourists drive them batty. It's got a great vibe here, real outdoorsy feeling, kinda what I was looking for when I started this whole trip.


Start of the Hidden Falls hike:

Creek that runs from String Lakes to Jenny Lake:

Getting closer (going to end up hiking up the backside of that non-snowed slope on the right):


But first I have to pass the toll collector:

Here's something you don't get to see too often, the other side of a moose:

Not quite a moose (Pica? Definitely not a squirrel but similar):

Hidden Falls:

Fine, I'll stay on the trail:

Driving down to my next hike, past the elk:

The view from Jenny Lake (I hiked the right side of that valley to Hidden Falls):

Hike to Taggart and Bradley Lakes:

Bradley Lake (great view of some Tetons to the left but the pictures all sucked):

AHHHHHH!!!! This trail had snakes, I prefer the moose.

Stay tuned... on deck, Yellowstone.

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