Day 10

Cody, WY thru East/South Yellowstone to the Tetons.

States: Wyoming
Total Miles: 3551
Time Zones: still in Mountain, 3 total
Continents: 2, ok still just one but I did cross the Continental Divide in Yellowstone


This was another great drive from Cody to Yellowstone then down to the Tetons. First I stopped in at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody. The Center is like 5 museums combined. I thought I'd get up, head over there for an hour and be on my way to the Tetons. I didn't leave until the early afternoon and I could have spent more time there. I was very impressed.

From Cody to Yellowstone was about 60 miles and followed the Shoshone River much of the way. A couple pics below. Right before I got to the East Entrance of Yellowstone, I hit a little outpost called Pahaska Tepee. It started to snow right about here. Into the blizzard I went. I was really a nice drive in the snow, but the visibility was pretty limited. The scenic overlook of Yellowstone Lake was a scenic overlook of pretty much nothing. The best part was knowing that in a couple days I'm headed back to camp here for 2 nights. Weather forecast just calls for rain and a low of 35 though. Phew.

Right after exiting Yellowstone, the snow stopped, turn to rain and then the sky cleared a bit by the time I hit the Tetons. I skied here just a few months ago and was glad to come back for another visit. I asked if they were doing any skiing and even though the guy didn't laugh in my face, I think he was laughing inside. When you see the pictures, it didn't seem like too dumb a question.

Last thing I did, I went into Jackson and saw the movie Troy. Was worth the $7.50 I spent for the ticket, not sure if more than that. Without giving too much away, it was nice to see Boramir (Sean Bean, King Odysseus) and Legolas (Orlando Bloom, Paris) in a movie together again.Wow, Legolas gave up a sword to shoot arrows.


Buffalo Bill Historic Center. Was a little too much for someone I guess...

Turn the camera left and look at the weather (that's the direction I'm headed)...

Buffalo Bill Highway on the way to Yellowstone (sky doesn't look to bad when washed out):

The Holy City (supposedly looks like Jerusalem):

A view across the Buffalo Bill Resevoir:

and the snow starts just east of Yellowstone in Pahaska Tepee:

Sylvan Lake in Yellowstone:

Yellowstone Lake, somewhere out there:

This was when it was snowing the least:

Looking back at Yellowstone after exiting the park. Stopped snowing too, just rain:

Just a short clip down the road:

I love these mountains:

Meese (just outside the town of.... Moose, WY):

Tetons all day tomorrow, can you wait?

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