Day 23

States: Utah
Total Miles: Somewhere in the 6000's, not keeping track so well
Time Zones: 1, 4 total


We were supposed to do some canyoneering this day in Arches NP, but unfortunately it was raining pretty hard. The sandstone out here is called "slickrock" for a reason. It was pretty slippery and the 4 of us customers were a little leary about climbing around on this stuff. So after a short hike around on the "Ranger Trail" we gave up for the day hoping to get in on the trip the next day. After getting back to Moab, we headed down to the southern part of Canyonlands which is labeled the Needles area. We got in a nice hike into Lost Canyon. It was a good warm up for the canyons we were going to be dropping down into and exploring later on. I'm always amazed that you can be staring out across sandstone, sand, and scrub brush and after just a short hike, you can drop down into a beautiful green canyon.


Dismaying that Lost Canyon has route markers:

A little rain here too:

Don't step on the Cryptobiotic Soil!!!:

Hiking around the rim of the canyon:

A little wildlife:

The desert:

Back up to the rim pictures:

With luck we'll be canyoneering tomorrow...

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