9/20 & 9/21 - I very much enjoyed the first snow up here in the mountains. I headed up the Mt. Elwell area figuring they'd have the most snow. The second day I headed up to Mt. Washington which was much lighter on the snow.


I woke up thinking it had just rained all night, but after seeing this, I had to see what we got up in the hills

Little Bear Lake:

Long Lake

Silver Lake

The next day was the journey to Mt. Washington. Not too much snow at this lower elevation.
Wades Lake from above with the Sierra Buttes in the background

An uncommon view of 3 lakes and Mt. Elwell from Mt. Washington. (from the left: Rock *Mt. Elwell above it*, Jamison, and Wades Lakes)

Bear tracks - from the night before and heading in the opposite direction *phew*

Grass Lake after having hiked down Mt. Washington off-trail