Day 17

States: Montana and Idaho
Total Miles: 5???
Time Zones: 4!!! We drove through the pacific time zone for a short bit in Idaho. We didn't know this until we saw a sign telling us we were back in mountain time.


Today was the start of the trek down to Moab Utah where we are going to meet up with my sister for some desert fun. We were originally going to drive down most of Montana and then into Idaho and down through the Sawtooth Mountains. Instead, we cut west a little earlier into Idaho and went up to the Lolo Pass. This was a pass across the Bitterroot Mountains that Lewis & Clark had used in both directions. At the summit, where it was snowing, we picked up the Loshca Creek (also called Lolo Creek I think) and followed it all the way down into Idaho and the Nez Perce reservation. What a great drive. Also found out it's a great place to raft too. Lots of rafters and kayakers.

We also followed the Salmon River, the Snake River, the Oregon Trail (backwards), and about a dozen other pretty little creek valleys. Eventually we ended up in Twin Falls Idaho for the night.


Lolo Pass:

Surprise, it's snowing:

The deer...

that ran across the street and literally hurdled this car. The antenna was still rattling (as well as the driver) as we passed by:

The Loshca Creek:

Little Beaver Creek we were going to follow til the signs stopped making sense (about 30 yards in):

Our picnic and my goofy pose on the Loshca:

Rafters rafters and more rafters:

Waiting on a bridge for the rafters:

Perfect for rafting:

Minidoka Internment Camp and who knows what else tomorrow...

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