Day 25

States: Utah
Total Miles: 7k'ish, not keeping track so well
Time Zones: 1, 4 total


The previous night, we drove to Natural Bridges NM (National Monument) and camped out for the night. Early the next morning we drove through the monument and saw the 3 main natural bridges and some Anasazi ruins. Next stop was the old Boomtown err Boommarina of Hite Utah. It's located at the northeast end of Lake Powell and before the big draught, it was a boater's heaven. No longer the case. We drove up through Capitol Reef NP and then down into Escalante-Grand Staircase NM. Here we did our first hike into a Glen Canyon canyon.


Arches from Arches NP form in the Entrada Sandstone. Natural Bridges (which have or had water running through them) formed in older Cedar Mesa Sandstone:

The nicest of the bridges (or atleast the most accessible to us):

An Anasazi ruin, containing round and square ruins meaning both Colorado Anasazi and Utah/Arizona Anasazi used this place:

Hite Utah, in Glen Canyon National Rec Area:

The boat ramp:

View from the boat ramp:

View of the boat ramp (upper left) & the Colorado River:

Capitol Reef:

One of the Capitol Domes (kinda hard to see on the left - bright white):

Petroglyphs in Capitol Reef:

A view of Escalante:

Hiking into 50 Mile Creek and our first hike into Glen Canyon NRA:

A little canyoneering (aka unnecessary stemming):

Tomorrow's plan is to do an overnight backpack trip into Coyote Gulch.

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