Day 30

States: gimme more Utah
Total Miles: 7600ish
Time Zones: 1, 4 total


Trifecta Day. Originally we were just going to head to Bryce and then to Kodachrome. On the way to Bryce though, we passed a sign for Cedar Breaks NM and decided we needed to visit there too. Bryce was surreal, the landscape made up of sandstone and limestone that created some amazing cliffs and hoodoos. We chose to do the Peekaboo hike that took us down into the canyon, around a loop, and back up. Hopefully the pictures do it justice, it's remarkable scenery.

Next we drove over to Kodachrome Basin State Park and took a loop around the area. Not quite like Bryce, but it had some unique scenery itself. This was a pretty hot hike in the early afternoon across the desert.

Which leads us to Cedar Breaks which is close to 10000 feet and quite a change from the desert of Bryce and Kodachrome. It was on the cool side and we had to hike over snow a couple time. I'd say "Only in Utah", except that the last day of my trip from Death Valley to Yosemite in California was a pretty similar experience. But more about that later.


Oodles of hoodoos:

Not only are the spire-hoodoos interesting, but just about everywhere you look there are arches/windows too.

Looking through a man-made tunnel on the Peekaboo trail:

More obvious windows:

And arch along the drive through Bryce:


Kinda looked like Fred Flintstone, but not from this angle:

This they called petrified lightning... sure... whatever...

Think this was called Ballerina spire and a very dead tree imitating it:

Random flora:

Cedar Breaks:

Snow down the valley:

The sun came out as we were leaving:

Think we'll hike the Narrows tomorrow...

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